More Paper, Please

I want some more paper, please

I haven’t reached my quota yetcredit-card-1583534_640frame

Please don’t forget to send some by

I must entreat the banks to offer me more credit cards or I’ll get bored

It brings me joy to sit and shred old bills and application forms I’ll never use

It’s how I like to spend all my spare time and time is precious, don’t ya know

A helicopter drop of dollar off coupons would give me such a thrill

I really like to get a dealdeal-1457947_640300

Still, I can never find one when I’m standing at a till

I think they’re not unlike those hoards of socks that disappear and clutter up the atmosphere

Global warming comes to mind

I wish that I could find a few more glossy flyers

Oh, how they inspire mesale-1149344_6401

I paste them into scrapbooks as I contemplate the vastness of the universe

I’ll have to curse if I don’t get a truckload of those old religious tracts

They make me feel so damned and guilty

Otherwise, they don’t affect me

Now, at last, I must confess, I do not have enough to stuff my padded bra

toilet-paper-1854586_6402Or wallpaper my dining room

Or gather up my friends to fashion origami doves for all the children of the world

And I’m embarrassed to admit, I do require a huge supply to satisfy my regular desire
To wipe my butt and plug my low flush toilet up

The latter should explain the urgency of my request

I do not jest or wish to be a pest

I want some more paper, please



2 thoughts on “More Paper, Please

  1. Dear Polly, We have alot of paper too. Thanks for the fun writing and for launching out into new areas. We will delight in following and we hope others pick up on your creativity too. Thanks for your love and prayers. It is always good when we can be with you. We had a good time with Dick Paetzel. Bob and Charlotte come for a week July 8. We look forward to seeing them. Phil and Terry, Bud and Chris are coming the end of the month and a few other friends are coming to visit a day. Busy summer. August or September will be good to go to Lethbridge.
    Love, Mom and Dad

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