The Truly Beautiful

When age becomes an issue
It is so amazing what the people
Of the world will do
To keep the hand of time
From marking them

They do not know the secret
That the tended soul
Shines brighter as it grows
That love and kindness
Practiced over time
Illuminate the failing body from within
And tender service rendered in humility
Imbues a being with a radiance
That does, indeed, eclipse
The mantle of decay we all must bear
A radiance that no amount of
Grasping can create
Yes, in the end,
The truly beautiful among us
Are not the ones who tempt the eye
With youthful guise and glitter cold
But those who take our hands
Even our very hearts
And ask for nothing
But to warm them


Complete the experience. Listen to Bart Millard’s Mawmaw’s Song (In the Sweet By and By).


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