I’m a Mother

I’m a lover and a life-giverwoman-220204_1280

I’m a womb without a view

I open, I throw up, I blow up, I push out

My middle has tread marks

child-2029513_1280I ripple, I roll

I have a mole in my belly button, who knew?

I possess torpedo breasts

I’m a fountain of nourishment, a leaky spigot

I’m a bleary-eyed, all-night drive-thru attendant

I hear the cry and answer the call

I’m a sponge for all stray spittle, sour stomach sludge and slimy strings of snot

girl-311694_1280I have chocolate on my breath

I’m a fecal analyst

I replicate meals only my husband will eat

I wait on a table

I cut up meat

I like my food cold, really


I’m the laundry hoarder

I’m the housework slacker

I’m the mess putter backer

I maneuver among Lego landmines

I sit down and I’m jumped onmother-and-baby-2334628_1280

I’m two lips to heal all wounds

I’m the one and only consolation prize

I’m two arms to assuage fears

I need more hands and laps

mom-1508902_1280I’m the keeper of the snacks

I’m the super model sans the altered pics

I’m a teacher and an art critic

I’m Demand Central and the judge of small claims

I’m the toy arbitrator

I’m the designated cheerleader

I’m the one in the knowballoon-104612_1920

I speak and no one listens

I listen

To the music of silence

When my world goes to sleep, after one last drink and peck on the cheek

woman-2086625_1920I greet my friend the TV and collapse on the couch

My head hurts and my brain is fried

My heart beats with joy, even though I’m tired

I’m a lover and a life-giver

I’m a mother

Complete the experience. Listen to Amy Sky’s I will Take Care of You.

Posts come out every Monday morning, a poem every third Monday. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to receive notifications of my posts via email. Follow me on Instagram username: pollyeloquent. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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