Out of the Mouths of Teens


My son and his junior high band class played Christmas carols at City Hall one year. Before angeltinsel2they began, the band teacher turned around to explain that the students had only been together for a paltry few weeks. This was the first time, to my knowledge, that my son had played the saxophone. The teacher added that with the limited number of students and, consequently, instruments, the melody may be carried by instruments we were not accustomed to hearing carry the melody.

She turned back around and with her student’s rapt attention and an earnestness I rarely see, she began to direct them. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Joy to the World performed in a more joyful, if inept, manner. They sounded like a junior high band that’s been together for less than a month, with all the stray notes, breathy renderings, squeaks and squawks. They wouldn’t be allowed to share in many of the church services I’ve attended due to their lack of proficiency. They were simply not good enough.

My husband was watching the Hour of Power around that same time and, as part of a feature on the musicstaffimportance of music in the church, they were interviewing the choir director. He said, “If the music of the church is not done well, then nobody worships.” Utter rubbish! I worshiped at the City Hall of Lethbridge led by a bunch of pimply-faced amateurs. I was so moved, I had to hold back the tears!

Praise be to God who does not look to the outward appearance or performance, but sees the heart! (1 Sam. 16:7) I’m so grateful that our most merciful father does not exclude us from his work because of our lack. We’re not good lovers and, yet, he invites us to join Him in loving the world and promises to fill and equip us for the task. He knows our frailties and failings and uses us in spite of them! Not one of us is good enough, but He made us so through the sacrificial death and resurrection of His unblemished, holy son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

May we follow His example, meeting every imperfect expression of another, for that’s really all we have to offer, with encouragement, grace, and love.


Complete the experience. Go listen to Natalie Grant’s Perfect People.

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2 thoughts on “Out of the Mouths of Teens

  1. Dearest Polly,

    I am continually blessed by your writing. I thank God for you and the gifts he gave you. I laugh and I cry. When I look at the clown on our bed … I smile … then I see the plaque you made for our 50th. I am thankful God gave you to us. You are special; your family, also. We never no where He leads next, but always there are things to learn, change, and follow Jesus. You are a good Servant of Christ and an encouragement to me. Wish we could take more walks. Hi to Everybody. Love, Mom … our prayers are with you all. Thanks for yours, also. We are doing as good as we can. Grace and Peace. You are right on. …


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