Nobody Cares

Be bold enough to do more than just leave the house.

I’m remembering a visit to the dermatologist. I had a nasty mole that kept burrowing up through the skin on the tip of my nose, a place, in my estimation, a mole should never be moleallowed to surface. I had it removed previously, but it’s stubborn and wants to be seen. What I didn’t realize until I sat down in the examination room was that the fee for removal had doubled. Unfortunately, at that moment, I had more mole than money and I sat there agonizing over whether or not I should go through with the procedure. When the Doctor came in, I shared my misgivings with him. What he told me has never left me. He basically said, “Nobody cares”. He went on to explain that people are so focused on themselves and their moles that my mole would have to be the size of the Eiffel Tower for anyone to take notice. He graciously allowed me and my mole to leave the office, free of charge, relieved and a little less self-conscious.

It turns out his counsel applies in so many situations, one being the predicament of having to buy and wear, in public, a bathing suit. Yes, bathing suit shopping, that distasteful activity that many women dread and put off until they must trudge sausagesorrowfully to the mall, enduring hours of self-humiliation, squeezing into bits of spandex and instantaneously morphing into plump sausages in scant polka-dot casing. We were going on a family holiday last summer and my bathing suit was beginning to look more like a tired, old dishrag than a festive garment to frolic in. After making numerous, demoralizing trips to the store and bursting out of one too many itsy, bitsy, teeny, weenies, I reminded myself that I’m a creative girl and there simply had to be another alternative, one where I wouldn’t feel exposed; one where I could honor my hard-working body and still enjoy the sun, the sand, and the waves, for they don’t discriminate. I spent countless hours on the internet and settled on a swim shirt and skirt.

Do you think finding the suit solved my problem? Nope. We went on our holiday and I never once went in any of the hotel pools. I found something that covered me up and I was too afraid to wear it, too concerned about what other people might think. Finally, on the last day of our vacation before heading back to Canada, my brother took us to a beach north of San Francisco. The sand was soft and warm, the waves were cresting high and the brightly colored, boogie boards were piled up, beckoning. The whole scene was so deliciously sensational, so incredibly seductive, I was compelled to put on my “swimsuit”.


With the kids in the lead, I grabbed a board and ventured into the sea. The Doctor’s words sounded giddy in my head, “Nobody cares”. If anyone was looking at me, what they saw was not my imperfect body or my obvious lack of a bikini, but sheer joy on the face of a salty gal riding some spray into the shoreline. Stencil it above your mantle, pin it on Pinterest, use it as a screen saver on your phone, but never forget that “Nobody cares”. Never let your annoying little preoccupation with what other people think keep you from trying the water, because life’s a beach, the surf’s always up, and you don’t want to miss it!

Complete the experience. Listen to Lee Anne Womack’s I Hope You Dance.

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