To Clean or not to Clean

A messy person spends countless hours swearing, searching for her keys, glasses, important papers, etc.cleaningswearing-294391__480
A clean person puts things in the same place every time. Therefore, she always knows where things are and has more free time to color code her sock drawer.
A messy person wears whatever crawls up to her bed in the morning.
A clean person’s clothes are always freshly laundered, pressed, and laid out neatly the night before. A wrinkle or stain can cause psychosis.
A messy person eats fruit over the sink, cold pizza straight from the fridge, and TV dinners in front of the tube.cleaningelegant-tableware-1431790__480
A clean person will only eat at the table with a full place setting, decorative table linens, and music to aid digestion.
A messy person lounges in the living room eating and drinking. Her couch has the equivalent of a bag of chips and three day’s bus fare under the cushions.
A clean person covers her couch with a tasteful throw and no one, and I mean NO ONE, is allowed to sit on it.
A messy person hacks and coughs, as she writes love notes and funny sayings in the dust on her furniture.
A clean person polishes her furniture until it shines and she can stare at her perfectly coiffed reflection from across the room.
A messy person’s bed looks exactly the way it did when she rolled out of it.cleaningunmadebed3330870850_39bd7af674_z
A clean person’s bed looks like a catalogue advertisement
A messy person moves her piles around to accommodate guests.
A clean person has a guestroom complete with scented candles, designer bedding, and travel-sized toiletries, all the comforts of Martha Stewart’s home.
A messy person looks out the window and notices the sunshine, the blue sky, and the birds flitting from tree to tree. She winds up wondering why everything looks so blurry.
A clean person never gets past the smudges and streaks on the window. After conducting IMG_7444_Fotora thorough cleaning, she steps back to survey her handiwork and notices the drapes need to be vacuumed.
A messy person’s pad smells like Parmesan cheese, dirty socks, and flatulence.
A clean person’s living quarter’s smells like fresh lemons, ocean breezes, or country meadows, depending on her mood and chemical preference that day.
A messy person is spontaneous, carefree, and relaxed. She makes the world more fun.
A clean person is organized, careful, and accomplished. She makes the world more beautiful.
Which one are you?
The world needs us both. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “To Clean or not to Clean

  1. Bonjour Polly,
    Je ne suis ni trop messy, ni trop clean 😂😂..
    Un peu désordonnée , mais j’aime la propreté par dessus tout , et je suis très organisée dans mon travail et les voyages: je laisse peu de chance à l’improvisation 🤣..
    Mais malgré tout, je ne pense pas être psychorigide!
    Quand les enfants viennent et que la maison est sens dessus dessous , et bien tant pis, j’accepte!
    Encore un sujet intéressant que tu as su bien décrire.. je prends toujours beaucoup de plaisir à te lire!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bonjour Pascale,
      Je suis en désordre, mais mon mari est soigné et propre et il a essayé d’enseigner à nos enfants à cet égard. Il me permet gracieusement d’être mon moi désordonné et a mis en place avec beaucoup au fil des ans! On dirait que tu as un bon sens de toi-même! Merci beaucoup d’avoir pris le temps de lire mon blog. Tu es si aimable avec moi, mon ami! Vous souhaiter le bonheur dans tous vos jours!


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