A Message from Me to You

You are unique, from your giggle and guffaw to the lilt in your singing voice to the hack of your cough and the whiz of your sneeze, your peculiar perfume, the way your hair falls, the furrows on your forehead, the supple, funnel shape of your ears, the swirlingIMG_6116_Fotor3 hue of each iris, the slope of your nose, the slant of your smile, the tone and texture of your skin, the dotty pattern of your moles, the tiny highways on your hands, the length and bulk of each hairy toe, the weight of your frame, your curves or lack thereof, how you carry yourself, your relaxed amble or intent gait, the effortlessly cool or charming, quirky way you dance, the way your soul expresses its essence, the “who of you”, to the world. I believe you were a big idea, thought up and fleshed out by the brilliant, grand designer. Knit together in a mother’s womb is how King David describes it in Psalm 139. Imagine the gnarled hands of an old women, whose been knitting for what seems like forever, capably, efficiently fashioning an original, let’s say, scarf, as practical as it’s beautiful.

This fact should make you think. If, indeed, what I say is true, than you have a reason for being simply because you are who you are. Your singularity suggests that you’re uniqueredgirl_Fotor2valuable, that you’re made for a purpose. Your intelligence and wisdom, your ability to lead, your talent, creativity and artistry, your skill set and the work of your hands, your resources and generosity, your love, warmth, and social prowess were not given to you to use solely to your own advantage, so that you could amass wealth or wield power or outshine others, but so that you could work alongside, buildup, and bless others.

I’m asking you not to devalue who you are and what you’ve been given by comparing yourself to another or putting yourself down or listening to the put downs of others. I’m urging you not to squander the treasure trove that is you by living a meaningless, selfish life based on consumption and the pursuit of pleasure. I’m encouraging you to mine the depths of your soul, uncover the rare, precious goodness within, and be your best self for the benefit of all. Imagine a world where everyone was a walking work of art, walking in light, beauty, and love. It would be heaven on earth. It starts with each one of us and it can’t wait. I’m on the path and I’ll walk with you and cheer you on. Get out there! Reach out in all your splendid individuality and grace the space you occupy. The world is waiting.

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2 thoughts on “A Message from Me to You

  1. Beautiful Polly…I love your giftedness and uniqueness. I miss you all. Thanks for your help. We are adjusting and learning to the people here. Nice not cook much. The meals have been good. Hi to all. Love Mom and Dad

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