Polly’s Picks for Pics

From Left to Right:
1) Brickety brick brick, brick brick brick
Unusual brick peaks my interest. Anything out of the ordinary does. I like unusual people, too.
2) The Meaning of the Word Awesome
It was obviously the intention of the architect here to have people enter, look up, and be awestruck, a fitting tribute to the God who designed this wonderful world. Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica in Ottawa, Canada.
3) Polly Eloquent’s Dumpster Art
I started taking pictures three years ago in order to have something to post on Instagram. I was wandering through alleys, my eyes hungry for something, anything, to capture. A dumpster, a large metal waste receptacle found behind most businesses, seems an unlikely object to photograph, but because I don’t have the means to travel, I was forced to make do, to look closely at everyday objects. Now, whenever I’m at a store or business, I usually visit its garbage can, a practice that has gotten me more than my share of questions and weird looks, but that doesn’t take away from the pleasure I receive finding and revealing these unnoticed masterpieces.
4) I See You
I look for interesting ways to incorporate people into my photographs.
5) Softly Comes the Light
I crave light. I’m always opening the curtains. In the darkness, I feel tentative and sometimes afraid, like it might swallow me up. Light, especially the natural light of the sun, is warm and inviting, offering clarity. Still, photography has given me an appreciation of the fanciful play between light and shadow that I now see everywhere I go. I’m grateful for this revelation.
6) Perty Poser
My children laugh at how long it takes me to take a picture. I’m almost in slow mo when pressing the shutter release button. Maybe I’m trying to steady myself. Maybe it takes awhile for me to find the right composition. Maybe it’s because I’m never in very much of a hurry and don’t like to be rushed. Consequently, animals and insects are subjects I rarely capture. Yet, this beautiful creature sat resting, sunning itself with nary a flutter. Thank you, sweet thing.
7) Curl and Prickle
There’s a good and bad side to every quality. A pleasing curl and a biting prickle.
8) Wintery Wall
This image reminds me of blizzards I’ve driven through on my commute home from the small town where I work. The snow billows against the deep dark and I’m suddenly so small and untethered, a prisoner in a cosmic snow globe, hoping against hope that I won’t float up and away and be blurred out, erased in the whirling white.

Posts come out when I feel like it. 😀 Scroll down to the bottom of the page to receive notifications of my posts via email. Thanks for giving me some of your precious time. Be blessed!

4 thoughts on “Polly’s Picks for Pics

  1. Hey loving this Polly’s Picks for Pics idea and each one as different and illuminating (yes, you like light) as the next. I feel the greens and blues in this set and hope that the calming effect of those colours on me is what you have been experiencing in your life. A little like the butterfly sitting patiently while you take its photo. That’s probably why I usually shoot alone and of a lot of architecture that won’t move! Love to “see” you again Polly & hope you are well xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, so nice to hear from you, my friend! You have such a lovely way of expressing yourself. Yes, I’m feeling very happy and content these days. I’m writing, reading books, and spending time with family. You’ve reminded me that I must make time to practice the art of picture taking, as well. It was a challenge, but also a lot fun to figure out how to share pics on here. I shoot alone, but I’d be open to shooting with others. I wonder what that would be like?! Perhaps, someday we will stand side by side with our cameras. You just never know! 😀 Wishing you much joy today, Kathy! Love and hugs!


  2. So lovely to see your images again! You sound like me, lurking in alleyways and making everyone wait while I get that shot. I am lucky enough to have several people who love to go urban exploring with me. What I find interesting about shooting images with other people is that we can stand on the same corner, aim our camera in the same direction and come up with a completely different shot. I love to see how different our point of view can be. Hope all is well with you, my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Carm. I haven’t had much opportunity to shoot with others, though I hope to do so, at some point. I made my husband come with me down a couple of alleys in Florida and he was visibly shaken and figured we were taking a great risk, but we came out of it alive. The alleys are where the good stuff is as far as I’m concerned! Hope you’re writing and shooting lots. I must get back to pic taking. I’m afraid I haven’t been exercising my skills lately! Be well, my friend!


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