A Prayer for the World

Our Father

You who are light and love, purity and power

Creator and sustainer of this whirling ball of rock and soil, sloshing blue, and leafy green

Whimsical mastermind of all humankind and creatures wild and wonderful

I normally do come to you with petty problems, small concerns

I dare to pray this day for the whole world

There’s a microscopic killer on the loose

But you know this

A tiny terror that has us by the throat

To take our breath away

And we’re getting crazier than usual down here

We’re taking

When giving is what’s called for

We’re worried bout an ever-growing list

Our health

The health of family and friends

Our mortgages

Food on the table and bills stamped paid

Clean hands and butts

Yes, we’re a little nuts in this regard

It’s hard

To know what to believe

With all the cautionary and, at times, conflicting chatter we’re bombarded with

The only news in town for quite some time

And some of us do fear will lose our minds

Sequestered in our homes for endless days

Reluctantly withdrawing from the human touch we crave

To quell the spread of said uncaring, merciless bug

Oh, God, take out this miniscule thug!

You who’ve always been the champion of the vulnerable and weak

Come to our aid for some have no defense

You who healed the masses when you walked upon this earth

Do so again

Stretch out your hand and let your healing power flow

Allow the suffering among us to draw near and touch your cloak

You who give the breath of life


We need a fresh infusion

Yes, and more

Our scientists and doctors need your wisdom to advance against this wily invasion

Our healthcare workers need your strength and shielding in the fray

We all need your assistance, your divine provision

For every day, businesses are shut and jobs are lost

Our costs are soaring

Our children need tending

Our nerves need calming

As chaos threatens to engulf us

Please give us the peace you promise

Renew our trust in you and your great love for us

And fill us with compassion for our neighbours

Help us do what must be done to see that all of us get by

In this most troubling time

In Jesus’ name I pray this,

Amen and amen


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6 thoughts on “A Prayer for the World

  1. Hello my dear Polly,
    I join to you in your prays ! World is crazy!
    We are punished by all our atrocities !!
    2019 was a very hard year for me ( and you) by most of our parents by this year, it’s all the world which risk to lost a friend or parent ..
    I think really to you, as a nurse, you make a lot!!! Bravo to you and thank you so much my dear Polly !
    Bon courage , take care with all your family et gros bisous 🙏 🙏🙏😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bonjour, ma belle amie! C’est si bon d’avoir de vos nouvelles, Pascale. Oui, ce fut une année difficile pour nous deux et il semble qu’une autre année difficile arrive. J’espère que vous, votre famille et vos amis êtes en sécurité et en bonne santé. Merci de vous joindre à moi dans mes prières. Je prierai pour votre protection et votre bien-être! Merci de m’encourager. Priez pour que je n’aie pas peur, mais que j’aie besoin de courage et de compassion pour soigner les malades. Vous étreignant du Canada!


  2. Thank you for that beautiful prayer! I know you were praying to our Heavenly Father, but this prayer helped calm my nerves!

    Warm regards and good health to you and yours!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, dear Deb. I’m finding it hard not to give in to fear, especially because I work at a hospital. Glad to hear that this encouraged you. I’m holding on to him with all my might! I must come over and view your lovely art! That should cheer me. Be well! Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Isn’t this surreal! I never imagined I would know something like this in my lifetime! Thanks for reading, Carm. Praying for you and your fam, for health, strength, joy, and peace. Love you!


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