A Letter to my Readers

You have undoubtedly noticed advertisements on my site. They’re placed there by WordPress. I’m not endorsing what they’re advertising or trying to sell it for them. When I posted about my dad dying they advertised cream to get rid of unsightly foot fungus. Did it bother me that they were hawking foot fungus ointment on such a sensitive post? Maybe a little, but it’s the price I pay to blog cheaply, as this site costs me nothing. I could pay them a monthly fee to have all of their advertisements removed, but I choose to ignore them. Today, I was scrolling through my posts in order to do some housekeeping and noticed an advert for a t-shirt supporting Donald Trump. I want to make it clear that I don’t follow American politics and will not be using this blog to discuss politics. If you find any of the WordPress Advertisements on my site offensive, whatever they are, you can report them by clicking on them. I have no control over what type of advertisements they choose to post.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you’re warm, safe, and well. I have a Christmas post coming out tomorrow. See you then.

Polly 🙂

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