The Labour of Love

I’m trying to love you, but it’s hard

No, not because you’re hard to love

We’re all lovable and troublesome at once

I’m just not very good at loving

 Loving you requires I put you first

And from the first, I’ve been fierce about being first

Selfish, I admit

Thinking more of you

Means I have to think less of me

And in my mind

I’m full of myself

I’d have to make room

Lots of it

Put my own desires on the shelf

Put your needs before my own

So, loving you costs me

It also benefits me

If I don’t love you

I’ll become sad and small

A big zero, as I zero in on my grandiose goals and petty problems

I’ll be shut up in my shrinking world

Alone and lonely

If I love you

If I give of myself

Wouldn’t you know it?

I grow

No, not subtract

It’s a fact

And much of the time

If I dare to love you

You love me back

I feel welcomed, warmed, and wanted

Oh, and humbled, as you meet my need

Because I then know

I can’t make it on my own

The truth is

I want

I need your love

And I need to love you

The question is

Can you love me


I’m not very good at loving?


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4 thoughts on “The Labour of Love

    1. Aw, thanks, Jonathon. Yeah, that’s a bizarre thought. It seems we’re prone to resist what we know is for our good. Thanks for stopping by. May you love and be loved! Grace and peace to you! 🙂


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