Breaktime Prattle: This is my Life

I’m sitting, chewing strawberry gum, lips smacking like a cow, in a most unattractive office on my break

Scabby, drab, upholstery-type wallpaper completely unadorned

File cabinets laden with various junk in plastic tubs and labeled card boxes

More supplies stacked up, a teetering tower in the corner

A feeble attempt at a half stocked coffee bar looking lonely

The page looking less blank now since I spat out the description of the little room that currently contains me

Glancing periodically at the timer on my phone

As the minutes of my freedom dwindle

And I must return to the cage I get paid to hulk around in

Until I can go home to the cage I much prefer

Where I am free again

Oh, pish posh

Maybe not

But home is at least closer

To heaven

Then this unsightly place

I’m guessing Jesus felt this way when he surveyed the stable 😀


Yes, I took the feature picture and showed it to you even though it wasn’t worth taking or showing. I also wrote a poem about a very mundane moment in my life and maybe it wasn’t worth sharing. Posts come out when I feel like it. 😀 Scroll down to the bottom of the page to follow me or sign up to receive my posts via email. Follow me on Instagram (Lately, I’m seldom on there. Too busy living). Take a peek at my Redbubble store Thank you for giving me some of your precious time!

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