This Momentary Life

This is it

This moment right here

This one mundane, terrifying, sublime, extraordinary moment

This is what you’ve got

Are you present in it

Are you open to it

Are you experiencing it in all its fullness

Or are you locked up in your head, a willing prisoner of the past

Wasting away

Wallowing in the remnants of some dulled pain

Because you couldn’t unclasp your hands

Existing in dusty memories of glory days long gone by

Pining for a lost love

Holding onto a hopeless hope

Or are you stunned, starry-eyed, paralyzed in a tantalizing reel of dreams

Wishing in technicolor for another life

Playing out the pretty future in the immense halls of your imagination

Without connecting your vision to your passion, limbs, and digits

Without bringing the fantasy down and getting dirty

Without putting your desire to flesh

Your hunger to bone

Your aspiration to perspiration

Break free

From whatever unproductive tense you’re trapped in

Shake off

The complacent haze, the captivating fiction

See your life, with penetrating gaze, laid out before you

Join the world unfolding for your pleasure and contemplation

Don’t be afraid

You won’t regret entering the present with all your faculties firing

Look back

Only to celebrate how far you’ve come

Look ahead

Only to plan and then pursue


Yes, You

Be here now

This is it

This moment right here

This one mundane, terrifying, sublime, extraordinary moment


Happy New Year, my friends! Wishing you a blessed new year of mindful, passionate living! The feature picture for this post was combined and edited using pictures from Pixabay. The footer is edited from Pixabay. Posts come out when I feel like it. 😀 Scroll down to the bottom of the page to follow me or sign up to receive my posts via email. Listen to my posts on Spotify. Follow me on Instagram. Take a peek at my Redbubble store: Thank you for giving me some of your precious time!


7 thoughts on “This Momentary Life

  1. Love this profoundly important prose, Polly… and I believe EVERYONE should read this!! Thank you, and Happy New Year!!


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