Nobody’s Perfect

I didn’t do it perfectly

I made mistakes here, there, and there

They glare at me

These tiny pinpoints of fragility

You see, I did prepare

I wanted

To stand atop the mountain of accomplishment


Having done the very best that I could do

But I failed to meet my standard

And now I’m feeling blue

Can I not just revel in the beauty of that moment

And the points at which I did succeed

Must my little slips destroy the whole experience

I point them out to you, but why

To call for your agreement

To fish for reassurance that my offering was worth your precious time

This is ridiculous

Dwelling on one’s disappointment

Amplifying silly flaws

Imperfection is no crime

It’s a malady common to us all

Or is it a malady at all

Nothing, no one’s perfect



The feature pic for this post is from Pixabay, edited by me. The footer is my creation using Picsart. Posts come out when I feel like it. 😀 Scroll down to the bottom of the page to follow me or sign up to receive my posts via email. Listen to my posts on Spotify. Follow me on Instagram. Take a peek at my Redbubble store: Thank you for giving me some of your precious time!


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