I let it get away on me

I wasn’t watching carefully

And now I’m dealing with the consequences

Of my inattentiveness

And I don’t like it

Don’t like what I allowed to happen

Underneath my nose, as it were

Fallen, really

I’ve fallen from a great height

I undid an accomplishment that I was proud of

Negated all my previous good choices

Set myself back a spell

Best not to linger any longer at the point of regret

I’ll get nowhere but depressed by doing that

I’m putting up the no parking sign

I’ll pick myself up

And start again

This time

With eyes wide open

Still stinging from

But not stuck on

Yesterday’s mistakes


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6 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Hi, Polly… I can’t presume to know just how it feels to be wearing the shoes you currently have on your feet. But… I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes… big ones… ones that I knew I was making when I made them… and I made them anyway. It’s not fun to look back… and it doesn’t do any good anyway. It seems the hardest person to forgive is ourselves sometimes. And I’ve learned that sometimes those “mistakes” turn out to be good things in one way or another… if I let them. I don’t know what your experience is in this situation… but I know your heart is a good one, and your words offer the knowledge (for anyone wondering) that, yes… indeed… absolutely… we are all human. Be gentle with yourself… be kind… be loving… just as much as you are with others. 💜


    1. Aww, such a lovely comment, Scott. I’m getting past it. Nothing that can’t be rectified, but what you say is true. We’re harder on ourselves, often. Thanks for the encouragement, my friend! 🙂

  2. I believe we can never undo an accomplishment we were proud of. Surely, someone, somewhere was impacted – we just didn’t realize it 😊

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