In His Hands

In the face of discouragement

This is the place

Where I must seek His face in prayer

I must cast my little cares on Him immediately

Or little cares pile up and make a mountain

They proceed to crush or bury me

But daily

If I bundle up my burdens

And leave them at His feet

Admit my need and call for aid

I’ll find relief and peace

And courage

If I release them

I’ll not have a care in the world

Because He’ll have them

All of them, no matter their weightiness

Just like He has me

And there’s no room for worry or fear

In the hands of my Loving Father


The feature pic for this post was created by me combining pics from Pixabay. The footer pic is mine. Posts come out when I feel like it. 😀 Scroll down to the bottom of the page to follow me or sign up to receive my posts via email. Listen to my posts on Spotify. Follow me here and/or here on Instagram. Thank you for giving me some of your precious time!


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