Covid Commiseration

Woke up with a tickly, phlegmy throat

Twirled the unwelcome swab in the unknown recesses of my nostrils

The thin red line on the test was unmistakable

The mark of the damned

Imprisoned in the room I associate with rest

Food and water left by the door in haste

For five, long days

To overheat, hack, and blow my red honker

And fill a trash bag with crumpled, white ghosts teeming with gelatinous germs

To suck back the magical pill on cue

The one thing that somewhat stanched my malaise

Kept that bottle near

For the four hour mark

When the bad feelings came roaring back


On the other side

Covid clinging like a wet sweater

Still slightly symptomatic

Still contagious

And still alone

Free of my confinement

But a pariah

Like I needed another bad feeling to get over 😀

I’m saddened by the toll this pandemic has taken on us. I wish above all that we could’ve met each other with respect, kindness, and compassion this past two years rather than the mockery and vitriol I saw spewed out on social media from either side of the mask/restrictions/vaccination debate. I hope going forward we can be more patient and gentle with each other. Wishing you good health!

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Mountains are for Climbing

Many of you know, if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, that I struggle with an eating disorder. You can read more about that here. Lately, with the ongoing threat of Covid and the increased patient load at my workplace (you can read about what I do here), I’ve been succumbing to the urge to rapidly consume the contents of my cupboards, healthy or otherwise. I recently took the important step of booking an appointment to see a professional about my problem. I’ve always been a self-helper. Whenever my behaviours resulted in too many unpleasant outcomes, I would read widely on my issues and adopt new coping strategies. Often, this would produce small, lasting changes, but I’m finally ready to admit that I’ve done what I can and I need another’s perspective and guidance. Continue reading “Mountains are for Climbing”

Hangin’ in the Comfort Zone

I’ve always been nervous around needles. In college, I joined a group of my fellow students to donate blood. The nurse pricked my finger and I stumbled like a drunk into the other room where another nurse intercepted me, steering me to safety. “We won’t be taking blood from you today,” she said wryly. In University, while enrolled in the Dental Hygiene program and after being immunized, I was told I stood up and abruptly fainted, smacking my head on some nearby equipment on my way down. I wokevaccination-2722937__480.jpg up lying in a bed, unsure as to where I was, and, most unfortunately, pantsless. I was informed that, once on the floor, my bladder let go. Poor, prone, pony-tailed Polly lying in a puddle of pee in front of her peers! To this day, I use the restroom before any sort of procedure involving a needle. I couldn’t even watch my daughter get her ears pierced in the mall at Claire’s without sitting down next to the table and putting my head between my knees. Continue reading “Hangin’ in the Comfort Zone”


I’m starting to piece my past together

                And at this point

I’m wondering

If my past should have been left in pieces

                                                   When I open up the wounds of my past

I suffer again

Having gained an understanding of why I suffered

It’s painful

But worth the pain

I think

    Understanding leads to forgiveness and healing

Healing is about wholeness

                                                                                      It’s about picking up the pieces

And putting them back together

One shard at a time

Fashioning something new

                     That glitters

When the light hits the jagged edges


Complete the experience. Listen to Gungor’s You Make Beautiful Things.

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