The Mountain Climber’s Mantra

Step up

Step up

Watch those roots

Hold your toots

Someone’s boot is

Clipping your heels

Breathe, breathe, step up, step up

Branch in your face, WHAP, tighten up that strap

Take a big ole swig o’ water, breathe, breathe, step up, step up, over that boulder, hug that shoulder

Don’t get slower, be a good soldier, pick up speed, breathe, breathe, step up, step out

Onto a plateau, can’t I sit a spell, inhale a protein bar, still got a ways to go, tackle that scree, breathe, breathe, one step up, two steps back, I might have a heart attack, why did I pack so much gear, SWEAR

Step up, trip up, fall down, get up, dust yourself off, just keep pushing, wind is rushing, nose is running, lungs are busting, sun is beating, sweat is gushing, NO RETREATING, breathe, breathe

step up, step up, when will this stop, can they send a helicopter, NO, for wimps they don’t bother, pretty, snotty PLEASE, WHEEZE, WHEEZE, step up, give up, DON’T STOP, look up



That was easy 😀

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Without a Bear in Sight

This hike started out like most others, except that my hiking friends from Calgary ventured south for warmer, dryer weather. I had already climbed Table Mountain three times because it’s in my area, but I should have known with them along, it would be a whole other hill of rocks. They, of course, decided toimg_4656 take the alternate route, something I was unaware existed. Silly me, I thought that dusty, fairly well-worn trail was the way up, but they had other, more risky plans. After slogging up a field of slippery scree feeling like a drunken elephant, I arrived at a chute, a rocky ladder the others were already shimmying up. Once I had hoisted my perceived elephantness up this irregular ladder, someone bothered to mention to me, with a smirk, that I could’ve avoided the chute, that there was a way to walk up. As is often the case, there was a chimney to greet me coming off the chute. I decided to bypass this chimney in favour of the trail to the right, after watching one of our shorter guys place his leg in a most unnatural position trying to climb it. Continue reading “Without a Bear in Sight”