Walkin’ Shoes

In the startled jangle of a baby’s cry

In the halting steps of a toddler

In the dirty face of a happy boy

Emmanuel, God with us



In the keenness of the teen in the temple

In the clumsy hands caressing wood

In the siblings jostling for a mouthful

Emmanuel, God with us



They say you should never judge a man till you’ve walked a mile in his shoes



In the gnawing hunger and the nagging heat

In the fierce temptation of the day

In the snoring erupting from the rocking boat

Emmanuel, God with us



In the push and shove of the bustling crowd

In the weariness at the well

In the dusty feet and the sweaty brow

Emmanuel, God with us



In the solitude on the mountain

In the breaking of the bread

In the revelry of a wedding

In the wailing for the dead 



In the wisdom imparted to the people

And the work of healing hands

In the wounds inflicted by His enemies

And the kiss of an erstwhile friend



In the fearsome tears in the garden

In the gasping thirst on the cross

In the anguish, pain, and rejection

In thinking all is lost



They say you should never judge a man 

He was and is and is to come

He knit us together in our mothers’ wombs

He still laced up those stinking shoes

Emmanuel, God with us

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