Chocolate and Other Notions of Love

Love is not about chocolate

Though it’s a sweet for the soul

And the taste can bring on ecstasy

Love is not about perfume

Though it’s more heady and intoxicating than the finest, most costly scent when it’s new and all-consuming

Love is not about jewels

Though it’s the shiniest thing on earth

If it’s real and true

Love is not about presents

Though it’s about presence

About friendship, thoughtful attention, commitment, and often, sacrifice

Love is not about candlelight, heart-shaped pizzas, sumptuous meals, sentimental serenades,     silky, lacy, racy, lingerie, romantic rendezvous, or rapturous intimacy

Though it may include all these things

It’s not a random, mushy, gushy feeling, but a patient, continuous choice

Real love abides in the raw and gritty

Real love stands firm in joy bubbling up and tumultuous trouble

Real love soldiers on through the mind-numbing mundane and the most wretched grief

Real love stays, affirms, celebrates, supports, serves, and forgives

Real love lasts

If you know this extraordinary love

You are blessed above all

Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends! Thanks for reading! The feature pic is a combination and edit of three of my photos. Footer from Pixabay. Posts come out when I feel like it. 😀 Scroll down to the bottom of the page to follow me or sign up to receive my posts via email. Follow me on Instagram. Take a peek at my Redbubble store and my clothing design page on Le Galeriste. Thank you for giving me some of your precious time!

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